Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Negotiated Project

I chose to design for two of the characters from the play Six Characters in Search of an Author, by Luigi Pirandello. I really got into this project and really enjoyed the story. The two characters I focused on where the Stepdaugher and Father. Two very complex characters who hate each other yet are obsessed and infatuated with each other. I wanted to dress the characters in masks, especially the step daughter as I wanted to hide all emotion from her, as she is greaving from the loss of her Father she is out to hurt.

I found her to be very self obsessed and although to begin with she looks beautiful, the more you get to know her she is a horrible person. I wanted to show this within the mask. I chose to design a mask that from a distance looked like it was created from flowers, but the closer you get you realise the flowers are infact made from moths.

I also wanted to bring some life to the character and thought the best way to do this would be if I created a photoshoot and styled a model to look like the StepDaughter character. I was very happy with the outcome of the photos.


For the father I wanted to create a mask that shown all of the emotion and remorse in his face. He has a lot of bad feelings for neglecting his wife and her family, yet has a very bizarre obsession with his step daughter.


I also wanted to create an image of the two of them interacting together. I am very happy with the final outcome of all of my images.

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