Thursday, 15 April 2010


If you have read any of my previous posts you will know the past 2 weeks I have been doing some voluntary work at World Museum Liverpool. I have absolutely loved it and I'm really sad to have left now. Whilst there I got to help with the general running of the exhibition and help out the staff. I was based within the Plantastic! Exhibition. It is a very interactive, hands on exhibition running until September. Anyone visiting Liverpool with children should definitely go.

I got to meet some lovely people and get involved with a lot. Working on the craft table was fun, especially when one little boy sat with us for over an hour and must have named every fruit and veg in the world, to fill our basket.

Above is the fruit basket we made, this filled up very very quickly.

The thing I worked on the most throughout my time there was the Sunflower wall. It was originally supposed to be used for a sunflower contest, allowing visitors to bring in their own photos of sunflowers they have grown and see who grew the biggest. Once we started work on the wall, it became a lot bigger than we intended and the museum have now decided to use another wall for the contest and use our wall as a fact wall. I have been calling a mural, however one of the other staff members told me...

"It is more than a mural, its an educational addition to the exhibit designed to provide additional information to support the sunflower interactive. It also encourages home planting through a flower growing contest and will be an important part of key stage school sessions."
Kenny, J, 2010.

The wall took longer than we originally intended, my last day was supposed to be on the Tuesday, but I was allowed to stay until Saturday to help finish it. It is still being worked on at the moment but I am hoping to receive some updated pictures.

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