Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How do I do this?

How do I find words to describe how good this last week has been. It's pretty hard but I am definitely going to try. This past week I have been down in Birmingham for the BBC Good Food Show. Anyone who knows me will know just how much I am obsessed with cooking programmes and cooking in general, so this was like heaven for me. I was assisting on Tim Kinnairds stand. For those who don't know, Tim was in the final of Masterchef this year and is known for his amazing cakes.

I was there to help out on his stand with him and help sell his Macarons, Brownies and Hot Chocolate. It was the first time I had tried a Macaron before and I am now hooked. They are beautiful. When I first saw them I expected them to be crunchy like a meringue, but they completley melt in your mouth and I now need to find a way to feed my habit. I am completley addicted and can't wait until I can get them on mail order from Tims website. (They are available to buy in Norfolk and online from January)

Aztec Chocolate flavour. Dark Chocolate Ganache with Cinnamon
Chilli Powder and Nutmeg through it. Delicious.
My picture doesn't do them justice.

The week was such a laugh and I think I spent most of the time laughing. Getting to know all of the stalls around us was a definite highlight and made the week so much more fun. One particular stall I can't talk about enough. Gower Cottage Brownies. If you have ever eaten a brownie before and thought "that was good" forget it, move on and try a Gower Cottage Brownie. They are the best brownies I have ever ever ever tried and I am going to be buying in bulk in time for Christmas. Kate who makes them is so lovely and the joking between me, her, Tom and Tim made the Good Food Show so much fun. I also managed to get one of the much wanted BITE ME bags! Next time you go to send someone flowers, don't, send them a box of Gower Cottage Brownies.

The lovely lovely lovely Kate.

So many people recognised Tim (with him being from Masterchef), Kate started telling everyone he was from Strictly Come Dancing, it was so funny having people ask Tim how far he got. To get revenge we started to tell people she was Gillian McKeiths, younger, nicer sister. There was so many people asking why they recognised him, we changed Tims sign to make it easier for people to realise. There was a lot of fun with that magnet board. Whenever Tim had his back turned the board was changed to "Yes, I am from Mastermind" or "Dr Tim says eat more Macaroni." Not macarons. Someone even walked by and said to a friend "Why is someone from Mastermind here?"

Tims Magnetboard

The 5 days there where brilliant, it was spent laughing, trading for other food and meeting a lot of the chefs I have saw on TV. It ended with pie madness, as Anna and Tom gave away 6 spare crates of Brays Cottage Pork Pies. I have never seen Tom look so happy whilst he was filling his bag with pies. It was so surreal sitting on the NEC floor as the show was being taken down and seeing every single person walk pass either eating a pork pie, holding a bag of pies or walking with a crate of pies. It was amazing and if you love pork pies, definitely buy some from Brays Cottage. They are the best pork pies I have ever tried. I have made a delivery of them to my Nan, Toms freezer drawer is full and I think every member of my family has had one at some point. 

Nothing will ever beat Piegate 2010.

All in all I had so much fun and working there re confirmed how determined I am to make it within the events and exhibition industry. Fingers crossed I get to do more things like this in the future. Back to the real world now... 

How am I going to get through all of this free food?

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Sounds like a wonderful week, plenty of craic!