Sunday, 30 January 2011

January Update

It's coming to the end of January now and as I have had a little spare time, I thought I would use today to update all the things I have been meaning to update for a while. My blog being one of them. If you follow me on twitter, or read my blog at all, then you will know at the beginning of January I started a four week internship at National Museums Liverpool in the design department. I have been enjoying it so much and learning such a lot about Auto CAD and the work that goes into designing an exhibition. 

At the moment I have been lucky enough to work on the Living Apart by Ian Berry exhibition. As it is a photography exhibition I have been trying to work out the layout of the moveable walls and the photographs. Its been a great starting project as it has allowed me to get really stuck into learning AutoCAD. Luckily I know the exhibition space pretty well, as it is the space the museum kindly allowed me to use as the location for my final major project at University. It is great to be able to learn how a real exhibition comes together and see how the designers work alongside a large number of other departments and people to make an exhibition come together. After a meeting this week, where I shown the plans I had come up with (very nerve-racking) I was asked if I would like to extend my internship until the beginning of March. I am so happy to be able to stay longer as I feel I am learning so much another four weeks would be brilliant.

Things are definitely looking up for me at the moment, I have been getting really stuck into Halewood Arts Association and I am currently in the process of planning and organising a really exciting project for the Junior Artists Club. It will run over a few weeks and involve the local community and Halewood Park. Fingers crossed the children enjoy it, I will blog more about it when the details become more finalised. Me and Carole are also in the process of applying for lots of funding, so if you are reading and would like to give Halewood Arts Association some money, feel free.

There is a lot to look forward too over the next couple of weeks. I will be graduating (finally) on the 8th February and can't wait, even if I am very nervous about standing up on stage.

I have finished updating my website too and feel happy with how it looks now. If you would like to have a look through that would be great and feel free to give me any feedback... but please be nice.

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