Monday, 14 February 2011

Always Forgetting

I am always blogging and then ten minutes from posting realise I have forgotton something. Every time it happens! This week I forgot to blog about being featured on The Young Creatives blog. It is a fairly new project, but it is a really great way of discovering new, up and coming under 25s within the creative industry. My hits on my website and followers on twitter have gone up since being on there and I would definitely recommend browsing through the website to see if any of the other 'young creatives' stand out to you. Some great work is being feautured on there. You can read my interview here. If you use twitter you can follow The Young Creatives here @t_yc.

I am still working in the Museum at the moment, just coming towards the end of the project I have been working on and looking forward to starting the next. I am going to write a full blog post about the exhibition I have been working on when I finish. I printed out my final plans today and there is a meeting tomorrow to discuss them. So as you can imagine I am pretty nervous! This suddenly feels a lot scarier than having tutorials with Paul in Uni!

Just a few examples of what I have been doing at the museum

Now on a different yet extremely exciting note, I am very happy to announce that in May I am going to be reunited with the wonderful Kate of @gowercottage. Kate asked me to work alongside her at the Real Food Festival at Earls Court in May and of course I said yes, not only because I will get to eat some of her amazing Gower Cottage Brownies, but I get to wear one of the much wanted BITE ME t shirts! I can tell already its going to be so much fun and I literally cannot wait for our reunion. Fingers crossed it can beat PIEGATE 2010. How many days is it till May?!
Piegate 2010 <3

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