Friday, 18 June 2010

I have a degree

I have finished my major personal project and I don't think it has hit home yet. I received my marks on Monday and to say I'm happy is an understatement. I am over the moon (to quote my Mum).

My exhibition shows the journey an emigrant would go on during the 19th Century and the problems they would face along the way. As I also enjoy theatre design, I wanted to combine a sense of theatre within my exhibition and wanted the exhibition to become an experience. Allowing the visitor to feel as if they had stepped back in time and actually become an 19th Century emigrant. I chose to do this by creating a fully dressed space using actors in each area to interact with the visitors and make the whole concept feel real.

To show my idea I created the whole exhibition using Sketchup and a 1:25 scale white card model of the whole area. I wanted to show my model making skills and show the design in another format and chose to select four areas of the same size in the model and create them in colour.

I have created a walk through of the exhibition using sketchup below.

I have also created a storyboard animation of the exhibition to explain what the visitor would go through along the way.

My final images of my model.

Photographs by Danielle Gregory. Thankyou!

White Card Model
Victorian Liverpool.
Top Deck of the Ship
Reflection Zone

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