Tuesday, 27 July 2010

London Film Museum

One of the places we visited in London was the London Film Museum. It was so good. A particular favourite was the Ray Harryhausen Myths and Legends exhibition. It was amazing, seeing his model making and all of the many many many things he has created was amazing. It was bizarre looking at some of his work, for example how he would buy taxidermy animals, remove the stuffing and insert a metal frame with over 100 joints, so the animal could be used in moved around as much as needed. It was amazing thinking that he was doing all of that in the 60s.

It was really good to see the original models and learn more about him. I would recommend the exhibition to anyone.

I also got to learn more about Charlie Chaplin. We spent a long time in that part of the museum and sat for at least half an hour just watching all of the old clips from his films. Obviously I know who Charlie Chaplin is, but I've never took the time to watch much of his work.

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