Sunday, 22 May 2011

Darkness in Light

If you read my blog at all you will know that the past couple of months, most of my posts have been about rummaging through antique warehouses, making brains, talking about brains and trying to blag as many props as possible. Well last Friday it all came together and we transformed The Mezzanine in the CUC. I can now very happily announce (if you follow me on twitter this will be old news) that I am officially 1/3 of Strange Case Collective. (Follow us on twitter!) SCC consists of me, Jen and Laura and as we worked so amazingly together for Darkness in Light we thought we'd come up with a name and look for more work as a three, rather than individually. Between the three of us we can do so much and I am getting very very very excited about the 'future'. We don't have an official logo or anything yet, but we made this up to fit within the set, so it will do for now.

A massive blog post is due to come from Strange Case Collective talking all about the night, but for now I'll try to summarise it very quickly. (Im not very good at being breif) The event was brilliant and I can't get over how busy it was. It was hard to move upstairs as even the floor was taken up by people sitting on it. The performers and music were brilliant and it went so quickly. Everyone who we spoke to was so kind and nice about the work we had done and I haven't stopped smiling since then. Here are a few photos and you can see a full album of pictures on the Strange Case Collective flickr.

Jekyll and Hyde within the set

Me, sitting within Jekylls experimentation area! I drank too much poison, hence my glowing eyes!

Again a massive massive massive thank you to Boneface (follow him on twitter, his work is boss!) for the two amazing illustrations he did for us. They are so good!

Everything seems to be coming together now since leaving Uni, I'm really busy but I wouldn't change it for the world and I'm really excited about working with Jen and Laura more and seeing what the future brings. Hopefully we will get to do a lot more in the CUC, as like I've said in previous posts, its my new favourite place.

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