Thursday, 26 May 2011

I do love a good rummage...

The past couple of months I seem to be spending more and more time rummaging through old boxes or dusty warehouses. This week my Nan asked my Step Dad to empty the attic and I am so happy he has. Her garage is now filled with lots and lots and lots of boxes for me to sort through. Heaven. 

I have had an initial look through the stuff for her and found some amazing things. I am obsessed with anything floral, old fashioned and remotely vintage looking and Nans attic is like an aladdins cave filled with this type of thing. She even has a really old Singer sewing machine. It needs a lot of fixing and things, but I’ve wanted one for so long and the fact it belongs to Nan makes it more appealing than buying one that works and is in better condition. This is something that is definitely going to feature in the Strange Case Collective studio. (When we eventually have one.)

I am also becoming a little obsessed with the Royal family. I blame the Royal Wedding entirely as it well and truly swept me away and drew me in. So you can imagine how excited I got when I found a 1983 Royal Family Year book!
Of all the pictures they could have chose, they chose this one. Brilliant. 
I also found a really old, slightly falling apart, book about The Life and Times of King George V. The images in this book are amazing, they include pictures of the fashion in the 1920s, and every significant moment of King Georges reign. As a designer its great to have books like this to use as a reference when designing, plus as it belonged to my Granddad its something I am definitely going to look after.

I have a bit of an obsession with old books and this weekend I am going to be going through the many many many boxes to see what else I can find.
According to the inside cover, this is from 1913!
From 1935 or 39. I can't remember off the top of my head
Me and Mum also came across this amazing art folder from the 70s! I’m loving the wallpaper. It also included lots of art work my Mum had done at school. I always assumed I got my creativity from my Uncle John, but maybe Mum has something to do with it too.
On a different note, I was featured on Design Juices this week! It was really great to be asked to feature and its been great getting such positive feedback from everyone who has had a read of the interview. Thanks again to the lovely Jared of Design Juices for asking me to be featured and his very kinds words about me! You can read the interview in full here.

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