Friday, 12 February 2010

St Marys Hospice Winners...

The results have just been emailed over to us and my team came 3rd! I am very happy with this and also very very happy for Amy Cox as her team won... have a look at her blog to see the photos of the winner.

David Pardoe, Retail Manager at the
Mailbox had the following to say:

"There was some really good work here and we were impressed with the
overall standard, in particular the strategy committee's visual impact
was very strong and also a special mention for the Marketing committee's
"Love Vintage" which was well executed."

The scores where very close as you can see below, with one point between the final 3.

BYPY team and Amy - 80
Community Development - 80 (as the organisers they chose not to be included)
Diversity Commitee and Me - 79 
Marketing - 76
Strategy - 74
Events and City Centre - 70
Future Office - 61

I'm not sure what groups the other girls worked on but look at Emily and Jo to find out how they did :)

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