Saturday, 20 February 2010

So this week could have been busier, I am still in research mode and already feel like an expert on Liverpool and its port history. I am going to be a walking talking advert for Liverpool when I finish this project!

Part of my research is to visit as many exhibitions / themed environments as possible, to see what is already being done and to get inspired. So this week I went to Cadbury World and yes it was for research, but the free chocolate was a definite bonus.

I got a lot of insipiration from here actually. One of my favourite parts (after all the free chocolate of course) is the use of holograms. They had 4 models with holograms of the actors in, telling the story. The way the hologrmas walked around the model perfectly looked so good!



So I should get back to my research, I've had a break to blog and make some beautiful chocolate muffins.

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