Sunday, 7 February 2010

The week gone by...

So I am back in the Liverpool at the moment, needed a break from Birmingham and thought I may aswell come back for a few days to see family and go to some museums on my list of 'places to visit'.

I have had a really good week (work wise), a highlight of which was the St Marys Hospice Charity Window Dressing Competition. Emily Britton had got involved originally and asked some of us on our TPE course if we wanted to get involved and I am so glad she did. There was 6 teams of young professionals from Birmingham such as lawyers, accountants etc and each month they meet up to in a commitee to do things for Birmingham and this month it was helping out St Marys. We acted as the artistic assistant to each team, which at first seemed a bit scary but was fine when I arrived and seen how nice my team was.

The task was to dress the shop window in time for Valentines Day. We had to use as much stock as possible and basically brighten the shop up. 

We where given free run of the charity shop which was amazing! Getting to rummage around and use whatever we wanted was brilliant. I took along some Valentines bits aswell and some of my team had brought along clothes and decorations to donate also.

 This is how the window looked to begin with...


So after two hours, of cutting, sticking, delegating and sorting we transformed the window into a romantic Valentines area for two. Red and black where obviously a recurring theme and it was lovely to use so much of the great stock!
I have a lot more photos of the final window on my behance some of which where taken by me, and some by another team member Richard Lewis, his are a lot better than mine! 

The winner is announced this week and there may be an article in the Birmingham Post.

Have a look at Emily Britton , Joanna Whitfield and Amy Cox's blogs, I'm sure they will write about there experience too.

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