Thursday, 11 March 2010

I am 21

So this past fortnight has been a little bit insane. As many of you probably know I have celebrated in style. Having a fortnight to be exact. I have had the most amazing birthday ever and will never forget all that happened.

My party in Liverpool was great. A fancy dress party under the theme of my name. My wonderful Mum had decorated the house beautifully and everyone made so much effort! I dressed as Marie Antionette (not a letter from my name, but I'm Sophie Bold so it doesn't matter )

A few celebrities made an appearence, above is me with Shirley Bassey. Who won first place.

 Even Lady Gaga made an appearence! Aka Lisa Meller who got 2nd place.

So now it is back to work and I am getting worried. There is 11 weeks left.

YES 11!