Friday, 12 March 2010

Liverpool Museum

Today I got offered a voluntary placement at Liverpool Museum. I am so happy, this is the first step I need to get into the Museum industry. It will be nice to go back to Liverpool for Easter too and I can't wait to get involved now. Im waiting to hear back with more information about what I will be doing, however the placement description sounds good;

"We are looking for a team of volunteers to help us in the running of our Wild Wild World and Plantastic exhibitions and events at the World Museum. The events will run throughout the Easter Holidays from the 27th March onwards and we would like volunteers for various roles such as assisting with learning activities, talking to visitors on gallery and assisting staff members with activities and events. If you are confident, friendly, interested in biodiversity and would like to work with visitors then why not apply?"

So with that, gaining the plans for both of my desired locations and a good tutorial with Paul, I have had a succesful week.

Back to work now.

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