Monday, 22 March 2010

Love it or hate it...

Sketchup. Most people are split with this programme, its like the marmite of our course. With me it is definitly love hate. At the moment I am loving it! It is really helping me to see the scale of my area and putting some of my initial designs into it is really helping me to decide what works and what doesn't!

At the moment I am still in the very first stages with the above model, the coloured walls are just to remind me of the different zones. Being able to add textures and test out my ideas is coming along great.

I hope to have a lot more going on in the street, the lodging house and government office will obviously be filled and come to look like actual buildings, I hope to have a shop and traders in the street.

I was having a few problems trying to recreate the Port with the space I have, however I found a great photo of the port and think this would look great blown up on the wall labelled port/dock. I could even use a wall painting of this.

Lisa came up for a chat yesterday and I basically talked her through my whole design and idea. Was a really good help and talking through the whole thing and getting really excited has spurred me on to do even more. I am very positive about the final thing now and with my many time management list I really feel like I can do this!



of course you can do it! I have to make a curtain out of flowers tomorrow and if I achieve this then anyone can do anything. EVER.

Sophie Bold said...

A curtain of flowers... I am very intrigued!