Saturday, 8 May 2010

Getting Closer!

It's getting so close to hand in now and its really starting to hit home that *fingers crossed* I'm going to have a degree soon. With all the talks about the degree show and peoples plans for after Uni it's getting very scary.

I have been focusing on my sketchup model this week, I want as much of it complete by Monday so I can get on with model making. Once the model making begins the late nights and kick drinking will begin.

My sketchup model is really coming together now. I still need to work more on the textures, as I am not fully happy with them yet, but zone 2 is really starting to feel like a ship now. Here are some images of Zone 2, they are without the textures at the moment

The white zig zag area above is a new section to the exhibition I have added. It gives the visitors the opportunity to see how bad conditions where to begin with before any regulations where put in place. The sleeping area was originally 4-5ft, as this would be quite claustrophobic I have made it an optional section to the exhibition letting visitors choose themselves whether to go inside.

My newly designed bunk beds, the original set I designed where far too small and after making a white card model version of them I realised that it wouldnt work. The bunk beds also faced the other way and from more research I found ships avoided having bunk beds facing side ways, as this made sea sickness even worst.


This is the beginning of the eating area. None of the textures are in place at the moment and there is more items to be added. Chains where added to the tables and the beams to avoid tables constantly flipping when the ship got rocky. I am really happy as it is all starting to come together now. 


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