Saturday, 15 May 2010


I have been trying to work on my reflection area of the exhibition for a while now. This area of the exhibition has become really important, it will give an end to it and allow the visitors to really reflect on what they have been through.

I was originally going to have a room filled with photo frames, some with digital screens inside. The visitors would get their photograph taken at the beginning of the experience and at the end their faces would appear in the photo frame wall of visitors. This was to try and get across how many people survived and how many people didn't  make it on the long journeys.

After working it out though, the exhibition is designed to have 10 visitors in each group, staggered by 15 minute tours. That equals 40 visitors an hour and at least 320 a day. Meaning I would have to have a lot of photo frames around.

I really like the idea of including the photos of visitors and after a lot of thinking and mulling over I have came up with my final design. The final room is to be filled with hundreds of thin rope hanging from the ceiling to the floor. The majority of them will be blue, with the occasional red rope mixed through. Visitors will have their photograph taken on a polaroid at the beginning of the experience and asked to keep that in their bag of belongings when they arrive. When they reach the reflection area, they will be asked to take their picture and write a sentence that sums up their experience on the back. They would then pin it to a blue rope if they where an emigrant who survived and a red rope if they where an emigrant who didn't survive.

I want this to be something that the visitors can use to really reflect upon their visit, the ropes will be hanging so the visitors can move through them, touch them and look at the faces and sentances of the other visitors.

I created how I want it to look in sketchup and I'm really happy with the outcome.

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