Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lantern Making

An update about the lantern making I have been assisting with at the Junior Artists Club. Last week was the structure building and when I arrived at the centre today, a lot of them had fell apart! Me, Carole and Becky had the tough job of rebuilding the lanterns before the children arrived. Luckily we managed to get them all strong again and ready for when the children arrived.

The next process is to add the candle to the structure and cover them in the extra strong tissue paper, you cover the paper in watered down glue and then glue stretch it over the bamboo. As it dries, it becomes really strong and they stiffen up.

The lanterns need two layers of paper and within the second layer you can add shapes, and drawings to give you different patterns when lit. Overall it was a really succesful workshop and the children loved it! I am loving the volunteering now and seeing the children get so involved and enjoying it just as much is really rewarding. The lanterns still  need a bit of work adding to them, but here is how they look now.

The Jellyfish that me and Madison and Lewis, 7 worked on.

A dolphin, with tracing paper drawings inside. Made by Amy, 10.

Fish, made by Josh and Harry. 7.

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