Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Since the beginning of Summer I have been volunteering in Halewood Arts Association. I have been helping to plan and organise a Big Draw event in the Halewood Environment Centre. Its been a bit up in the air the past couple of weeks, as we have been waiting back to hear if we have the funding... Putting a lot of effort into something and having to plan it without 100% knowing if we'd get the funding has been a worry, but thankfully Carole called today to say we got it! I'm really excited as its the first event I've been involved in since leaving Uni. Carole has been amazing and has let me get involved in so much, meet so many people and I'm even going to be hosting the "Halewood at Home". Something I will talk more about next week.

After Carole had spoken to the children who attend the Junior Artists Club, we decided to come up with a theme of habits and habitats for the event. This allows us to take full advantage of the environment centre and Halewood Triangle.

The junior artists club have been learning all about the habitats around the Halewood area in the workshops running up to the event and on the day there will be a lot to see and do. It is free and open to all ages, with everyone welcome. Our aim is to get everyone involved and there will be lots of drawing, painting and making to get stuck in to! I can't wait and if anyone wants to come along there is some details below...

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