Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beg Blag Borrow Update...

This week has been all about the blagging (like always) and trying to acquire as many things as possible for our #teamjekyllnhyde event design. Me, Jen and Laura have become a bit obsessed, all of our tweets, facebook walls and text messages have become dominated with brains, eyeballs and what most people would describe as junk. I'm loving it though, it is so good to get properly stuck into something and having no bugdet has actually made it a lot more fun, although not ideal.

So this week Question Time was being filmed in the CUC in Liverpool, which is the same venue our event is being held in... Whilst watching with my Mum she pointed out that the politicians water tumblers would work briliiantly as laboratory style bottles, "Why don't you ask if you can use some" so not one to wait around I thought I'd tweet them and ask. I have said it before but I love twitter! Within five minutes and after a few tweets begging from Me and Jen (@thechatterpie) they said we could use some. Just as a reminder if any of the lovely people of the CUC (@CUCLiverpool) are reading this...

I'm sure you are all massively jealous of my amazing paint skillzzz too, but you have to agree they would look pretty good in our Laboratory. 

Here are a few pics of what we have aquired so far, I'm really looking forward to making it all look old, creepy and weird!

Jens amazing eyeball and brain jelly moulds!

Laura Sweet Jars!

My Nan has also donated a lot of things for us to use too! 

Like always, it really would not be a #teamjekyllnhyde blog without me asking...

Do you have any of the following; 
  • Old unwanted books? Ideally hardback but paperback are fine too, the content doesn't matter, but if you had any really old books that would be amazing. However we will take any books off your hands.
  • Glass jars? Of any size.
  • Glass bottles... The older the better, but as said above, we will take anything.
  • Test tubes? Beakers? Lab Coats? Science equipment? Brains*? Anthing science related that you don't need anymore?
  • Creepy costumes? Top hats? Fur coats?
  • Candles? Candle sticks? Anything old? Photoframes? Creepy paintings?
  • Any form of junk or weird things that we haven't listed but you think... I HAVE THIS AND IT WOULD FIT IN PERFECTLY, we are open to suggestions and will take anything from you... (Within reason ;) )
Thanks for reading and if you have anything,  leave a comment, email or tweet me @sophiescouse or Jen @thechatterpie


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