Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Beg Blag Borrow

If you follow me on twitter or read my blog you will definitely know about the Jekyll and Hyde Laboratory event me, Jen and Laura are working on. This week I took Laura over to the CUC to give her a tour of the amazing Venue. You can read more about the venue in this previous blogpost. It was so nice to go back to the space and try to picture some of the ideas we have been coming up with. Whilst there, one of the staff from the CUC (I forget his name) also shown us around The Crypt. It is another amazing venue and left me and Laura wanting to plan something else inside there.

On our way back into town we decided to pop into Pilgrims Progress, a brilliant 5 story warehouse jam packed with the most amazing antiques. We could have spent hours in there, routing through the boxes and looking at all the amazing things they had on show. I was glad Laura was with me as it was terrifying, we were also told to watch out for the ghost as we where left alone to explore the whole warehouse.

This place is a prop sourcers dream and we found so many things that can be used. On the very top floor, hidden away at the back we found a few boxes full of old medicine bottles, jars and really old medicine labels. The owner has also said that we can hire them and do whatever we want to them! I'm really looking forward to filling them with lots of weird and creepy things!

Also today had a really interesting phone call from BBC Merseysides A Team to say a man has been in touch with lots and lots of old fashioned sweet jars that we can have and they will also be doing a bulletin on Sunday asking for props. Exciting times ahead... and it wouldn't be a blog post about #teamjekyllnhyde without me asking...

Do you have any of the following; 
  • Old unwanted books? Ideally hardback but paperback are fine too, the content doesn't matter, but if you had any really old books that would be amazing. However we will take any books off your hands.
  • Glass jars? Of any size.
  • Glass bottles... The older the better, but as said above, we will take anything.
  • Test tubes? Beakers? Lab Coats? Science equipment? Brains*? Anthing science related that you don't need anymore?
  • Creepy costumes? Top hats? Fur coats?
  • Candles? Candle sticks? Anything old? Photoframes? Creepy paintings?
  • Any form of junk or weird things that we haven't listed but you think... I HAVE THIS AND IT WOULD FIT IN PERFECTLY, we are open to suggestions and will take anything from you... (Within reason ;) )
We are also looking for any one who would like to come along on the night and act within the space, interacting with the visitors and maybe encouraging them to take part in creepy and weird experiments ;) If you would like to get involved or know anyone who would, please get in touch.

*We joke about brains, but you get the idea.


If you can help with any of the above? Or even if you just want to find out some more info... 


Either tweet @sophiescouse or @thechatterpie


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