Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Begging Blagging and Borrowing

Today has been brilliant! As it is getting closer to the Light Night after party Me, Jen and Laura (if you're reading this Laura hurry up and get twitter) have been on a massive hunt today for as much as we can. It has been AMAZING. We have got so many ideas and we managed to get a lot today. We went back to the amazing Pilgrims Progress, Antique Warehouse. We hired a brilliant box of antique bottles and medicine jars, a great vintage mirror frame and some really creepy light cage covers!

Laura forking around with some glass. Jens face was priceless as we were digging around in the broken glass ;)
After visiting here we went over to an antique shop Laura visited last week. It is amazing! It had so many amazing vintage glass. I forgot to take a photo of what we bought in there, but we got the most amazing HUGE brown poison jars. As soon as I get a photo I will upload it. We could have spent a LOT of money in there buying hundreds of things, but settled for 3 of the massive poison jars. Our first investment in #teamjekyllnhyde more shall be revealed soon...

After here we then went over to the wonderful MPAC its an aladins cave of the most random things you could think of. From old fashioned books to plastic tubes and a billion hair clips. There is also an art and craft shop here so we bought lots of latex for skin making and modroc for skull casts. Whilst buying the latex we told the man serving us all about the after party and he found 10 gothic candelabras for us, complete with added rust! The lovely man is letting us use them and we can give them back when finished and he is also keeping an eye out for any science laboratory equipment for us!

All in all it was a very succesful day and I can't wait for next week when we meet up again and start making all of our creepy things.

Me, Jen and Laura have been talking about all our future plans and it is very very very exciting. So watch this space, we're probably gonna take over Liverpool ;)

Here are some of the amazing things Laura has found over the past couple of weeks! Isn't she wonderful...

An amazing 1950s Chemistry Set
This is going to be Jekylls amazing ledger!
I also ended today in the same way it began, at the CUC. Me and Louisa went to see Muriels Wedding at the CUC Cinema. I forgot how much I loved that film and I am now going to leave this blog and listen to lots and lots of Abba! Seriously though, you should check out the CUC Cinema, very cheap and in the wonderful CUC. My new favourite place!

On a final note, we are in need of any old belts, candles, ideally an old chair with arm rests attached and if you know anyone with a taxidermy crow that needs a new home, we will happily take it off your hands. (Its worth a try!)

If you can help with anything or just fancy asking for more info follow me @sophiescouse or jen @thechatterpie on twitter, or give us an email at jekyllnhyde@live.co.uk

Edit - I also now understand from reading over this I use the word amazing far too much.

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