Saturday, 2 April 2011

Exciting Times Ahead!

I seem to be up the wall recently, in a good way of course! My diary is chocka and I everything seems to be happening in May! Last week I was asked by the lovely Chris Carney if I wanted to help out with an up and coming event... Throughout 2011 there will be Light Nights happening allover the UK. Liverpools Light Night takes place on Friday 13th May 2011. If you haven't heard of Light Night, it is basically a nation wide event that encourages places that would usually be closed at night to stay open and hold events and exhibitions. I'm not the best at explaining things so you can read all about Liverpool Light Night here.

Chris is organising the Official Light Night Liverpool After Party, in the CUC (contemporary urban centre) and asked me if I would like to style the event. Of course I said yes as this will be an amazing experience for me! With it being on Friday the 13th, it would be a shame to not take full advantage of this. Chris wants us to turn the space into a Jekyll and Hyde style laboratory. Which is going to be so much fun.

I've managed to persuade the lovely lovely lovey Jen and Laura to work with me and after visiting the venue last week me and Jen could not be more excited about it if we tried. The venue is AMAZING and fits in perfectly with what we want to achieve. It has the most amazing furniture in it and REAL chesterfield sofas. It is split on two levels and the detail in this venue is brilliant for what we want to achieve. With lighting and sound alone its going to look so creepy.

The venue alone is so inspiring and me and Jen have so many ideas already. We are hoping to fill the room with jars full of brains (not real ones ;) ) and other creepy things... So here is where the begging begins... If you have ANY form of props or anything at all that you think could be used in a Jekyll and Hyde style laboraroty please please please please let us know. If you have any jars (any size) science laboratory equipment, brains orrrrr can think of anything else you may want to donate, whether it be fabric you need to get rid of or old paints, we will take ANYTHING off your hands. So please get in touch on or tweet me, @sophiescouse or Jen, @thechatterpie and we will gladly take anything from you. 

The event is free and you can read more about it here  So you all need to keep the 13th May free and come along for an amazing night!... I will update a lot more along the way.

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